About this Webcam


The webcam is located at Schlappin above Klosters in Switzerland, 1655 meters above sea level.


The system is based on a Canon EOS 1100D digital cam mounted in a stainless steel housing.

Design and Engineering

maTeng Netzwerktechnik Matthias Engel

Link to this Webcam

A further usage of the real-time image is allowed as long as the link is related to the following URL:
Images of different size and resolutions are made available and can be used under the above mentioned conditions.
The following resolutions are available:
150.jpg, 180.jpg, 240.jpg, 320.jpg, 400.jpg, 640.jpg, 720.jpg, 816.jpg, 1200.jpg, 1600.jpg

<a href="http://www.foto-webcam.com/webcam/schlappin">
  <img src="http://www.foto-webcam.com/webcam/schlappin/current/400.jpg">

To open the image in a separate window the following HTML code can be used:
<a href="http://www.foto-webcam.com" target="blank">
  <img src="http://www.foto-webcam.com/webcam/schlappin/current/400.jpg">
Clicking on the image will open a separate window and lead to the sponsor's web site.

Any other form of usage of this URL or related information is subject to prior written approval from juerg.wyser@gmail.com